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Hi,  my name is Steve and if you’re a smoker like me,  you’re probably tired of paying $8 or more for a pack of cigarettes  only to listen to some busybody behind you say something like, “Oh my god,  why would you pay that much just to get cancer!”.   Blah blah blah!

Well,  I was tired of it and so was my wife.   She suggested that we start looking into how to roll our own cigarettes like my brother does,  so that’s what we did.

So after lots of internet research,  many hours spent running around to tobacco shops,  and asking tons of questions , we decided to just get something and give it a try.   We bought a cigarette machine that we felt would work for us and on the advice of the shop owner, we bought some tubes and tobacco that were supposed to be like the cigarette brands that we’d been smoking.

We were pretty excited because after we did the math, we found that a 6 ounce bag of tobacco and a box of 200 tubes could produce a carton of cigarettes for about $8.50 or 85¢ per pack .  Wow!

When we got home, the trial and error began.   How much tobacco to pack into the machine, how coarse or fine did we make the tobacco shred,  did we use it straight from the bag or did we dry it out for a while,  etc.

Even to this day, we’re still experimenting and trying different products and that’s why I decided to start writing reviews on the subject of RYO (roll your own) cigarette rolling.   Here, you’ll be able to get information on many different products all in one place so you can make an educated purchase decision.

I’ll be adding reviews as I have time for research so why not bookmark this website and stop back often.  See you soon.

Thanks,  Steve


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